Лог обновлений

2.82 (uptime: 2023.02.06)


Fully shutdown.


When the remote HTTP server sends error data without disconnecting, causing this segment of data not to be downloaded and the final file size to not match the remote one, this scenario is likely to occur when the remote connection is unstable or frequently switches proxy IPs.

When downloading a file from the file browser, the file save path follows the catalog instead of the user choosing one.

The browser extension gets the wrong cookies from the incognito window.


Change the default parallel option to "Fastest".

FileCXX private DHT network module (libdybn) has been removed, using BitTorrent public DHT network as the alternate.

2.81 (uptime: 2023.1.6)


Language: Tiếng Việt


HTTP task infinite redirect when reading partial content gets 301 code.

When downloading a large number of small files, repeatedly stopping or deleting tasks may cause errors in tasks that are waiting in the queue, indirectly causing filec to crash.

When the taskbar tray icon is clicked, the window does not become the top window.

2.8 stable (uptime: 2022.12.31)

This is the last version of FileCentipede2. The development of the next major version 3.0 has started.

If you have any feature requests, please post them on https://github.com/filecxx/FileCentipede/discussions/402


Browser extensions up to 1.8

Language file "ru_RU.lang" updated.


URL directory parse error, such as "http://localhost/a=1&b=/dir/file".

The FTP task becomes stuck in the stopping state if the connection fails.

Unable to receive FTP file list when remote FTP server sends code 226 before sending the file list.

The browser extension shows "Send failed" when getting an URL that starts with "blob:".

The browser extension sometimes fails to obtain the cookie information for a URL.

A new strategy for downloading protected m3u8 segments.

In some cases, the downloaded file is m3u8 content instead of a video.

m3u8 png segments.

m3u8 parsing segment URL lost the last character when the m3u8 file did not end with a newline.

Use "filename*=UTF-8" as the preferred filename instead of "filename=".

The "Blocks" from the detail panel are displayed reversely when the HTTP task is not resumable.

Unlocked variables caused the filec process to crash.

The settings from the 'Update-dialog' cannot be saved.

Display an error message when the remote client fails to connect.

Increase the SSH maximum connect timeout to 120 seconds, rather than the current 12 seconds.

filec crashes if the remote HTTP response headers include both 'content-range' and 'transfer-encoding' at the same time.

When downloading multiple files with the same file name but different contents simultaneously, the automatic renaming function may potentially cause errors in writing to the files due to a lack of locking, indirectly causing filec to crash.

2.7 (uptime: 2022.08.29)


URI generator (from URI tool)


thread deadlock

unable to download files when HTTP server response conflicted headers: Accept-Ranges, Content-Range, Content-Encoding

unable to download files when HTTP server response transfer_encoding is chunked with 0-byte data

magnet-task causing filec crashes during multiple times of adding and canceling.

ESC key on dialog

duplicate shortcut key

fileu dialog crashes

fileu status bar DHT number was inaccurate.

remote client crashes on windows 7

torrent-task directory icon missed after restarting filec

2.6 & 2.61 (uptime: 2022.08.21)


Remote download manager (NativeUI, not WebUI)

File browser: copy file URL, path

Command line: service_port, service_password, remote_access

Browser extensions up to 1.7


(2.61) downgrade wolfssl to 5.4.0

Cannot save options from the software's update dialog.

filec crashes when deleting an SSH or FTP directory and then canceling it.

2.5 (uptime: 2022.08.13)


Save column width.

Save window position. (default: off)

Force restart

Add trackers from the subscribed list.

Command line: create_torrent

Language: português

Translation tool: select languages directory


When remote HTTP server received range: bytes=0-0, but continue response more data, causing task progress over 100%.

Max Connect timeout up to 120s instead of 12s

File name incomplete when remote HTTP server response header field content-disposition contains multiple "=?UTF8?B?" sections.

Auto upgrade software.

2.4 (uptime: 2022.08.02)


Tray icon event for windows.

Set all new tasks save-path from the Add-task-dialog.


After pausing and resuming an HTTP task, the task progress reset to 0.

Auto-created host's default config error when entering address from the file browser's address bar.

File browser extracts username and password from URL.

Remove the default path "/" from the file browser.

Remove the checkbox from torrent confirm-dialog when the torrent only has one file.

Torrent confirm-dialog file size missing when the torrent only has one file.

2.3 (uptime: 2022.08.01)


Browser extension up to 1.5, massively optimized, it can extract videos from javascript.

File checksum tool (text, file, directory).

File size filter for torrent-task.

Taskbar progress for windows

Alert setting: delete task

Alert setting: delete catalog

Stream-task settings: Base URL, Key, IV

Merge tool: video+audio merge (FFmpeg required)

Language Français

Language Nederlands


announce_to_all_tiers and announce_to_all_trackers set as default.

HTTPS trackers (Linux)

filec crashes when HTTP cookies over 4 KB.

Convert URI space to "%20" instead of "+"

m3u8 merge files error on windows7

uploaded directories displayed as regular files from the file browser.

SSH connections timed out but the state was still connected.

SSH file manager "operation failed" error.

When resuming an HTTP task and the URL address was expired causing an incomplete file to be downloaded. (New bug since 2.0)

Torrent-task inaccurate statistics.

Torrent-task rename from confirm-dialog failed.

m3u8 parse error.

Clipboard multiple triggers.

HTTP-task filename with =?UTF-8?B?

fileu incomplete task list (fully fixed).

fileu directory icon.

fileu window randomly activated.



2.21 (uptime: 2022.07.02)


stream-task 401, 403 error.

stream-task HTTP 302 redirect causing filec crashes.

stream-task merge file error after pausing and resuming the task.

2.2 (uptime: 2022.06.30)


torrent port setting


"CheckBox" for torrent-task subdirectories

torrent-task state display as completed but still seeding.

torrent-task lost the resume-data in some cases.

2.1 (uptime: 2022.06.29)


site rules

language zh_TW


WebDAV default config error for file downloading.

torrent-task is not able to stop when checking files.

when the HTTP server response code is 401 or 403, remove the "Referer" and "Origin" fields from HTTP headers before resending the HTTP request.

some web servers accepted HTTP range requests but the response code is 200 with 0-byte content, instead of 201, causing a 0-byte file to be downloaded. (wingftp)

torrent-task files rename failed after multiple tries.

FTP server 504 error (CLNT, OPTS UTF8 ON).

DateTime 0.000000.

2.02 (uptime: 2022.06.25)


redundant path separator

XML tag case-sensitive caused the WebDAV list directory to fail.

file has not been removed from the file browser list when the remote directory path is /

when uploading/downloading a directory max connections have been reduced when the directory contains a small file.

2.0/2.01 (uptime: 2022.06.24)


opening a task file show an alert when the file has been deleted or moved.

context-menu for torrent confirm-dialog

supported command line: curl, wget, aria2, axel

option: silent mode

detail panel: blocks

detail panel: connections

protocol: SSH(sftp)

option: proxy modes (Always, If_Available, Round_Robin, Round_Robin_Connections)

option: no task record

option: parallel (smooth, fastest)

settings: stream task

settings: SSH

settings: File Browser

download directory & upload directory

file browser, network file manager for WebDAV, WebDAVS, FTP, FTPS, SSH(SFTP)



filec fails to start when the database file is broken.

global-speed-limit settings for stream tasks.

file icon association error on windows.

filec crashes when the service receives an empty request.

filec crashes when the local network is unavailable.

ftp compatibility for non-standard server.

HTTP cookie containing a "secure" field case endless loop.

when add-task dialog switching the URL config causing fields are missed.

stream-task missing completed dialog.

tasks-detail update data is in slow motion.

tray icon show/hide fails in some case.

http-task state frozen when the response body is empty.

torrent-confirm dialog information error.

an invalid file is downloaded when the HTTP response code is 206 and the keep-alive is false.

incomplete encoded URI path.

encode URI path before sending the HTTP header.

stream-task HTTP response code 474 marked as server busy.

copy address from task error (std::string_view out of scope).

an empty file was downloaded when the HTTP response headers contained content-encoding and content-range.

"Host" field in HTTP headers.

translation tool: Israel has been removed from the Arabic countries list.


uncaught exceptions.

memory overflowed.




1.9 (uptime: 2022.03.27)


The downloaded file is 1 byte when the HTTP header field "content-range" did not contain the "bytes" string

HTTP request range limitations

1.8 (uptime: 2022.03.26)


Ignore this site -> browser extensions

Browser extensions up to 1.4


The rename dialog is behind the confirm-dialog (windows only)

Open directory did not work when save-path is the root directory (windows only)

1.7 (uptime: 2022.03.25)


Add context menu on confirm-links dialog


Process filec.exe froze when HTTP response header no charset and "attachment;filename=" contains a non-utf8 string (windows only, caused by MinGW)

Not able to change proxy on task-edit dialog

1.6 (uptime: 2022.03.25)


Sound effects when task download completed or error. (optional)

Browser extensions up to 1.3

Download all links from the web page


UI configs are lost when upgrading to a new version.

On windows7, fileu std::filesystem::path error (caused by MinGW).

1.5 (uptime: 2022.03.22)


File last modified time from HTTP server

Show HTTP, Torrent confirming-dialog on top

Task completed dialog


302 redirect on stream task

Datetime format changed from GTM to ISO YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

fileu.exe is hidden when launched from Windows system service. (from browser extension after reboot)

1.4 (uptime: 2022.03.20)


Add/Remove User agents.


HTTP tasks lost 1 byte after during pause and restart the task. (critical)

Some websites have HTTP range request limitations, auto-ban small range requests, cause download errors.

History path

Windows DPI

1.3 (uptime: 2022.03.18)


Users can change the software name during installation.

Switch download manager from browser extension popup panel.

Show confirm-dialog when tasks are sent from the web browser.

Add new option "Without confirm" to HTTP settings


HTTPS request fails when the port is not 443

The translation tool inserted redundant backslashes into the string

System service from settings is enabled when installing without system service

Add 5 DHT bootstrap nodes

1.2 (uptime: 2022.03.16)


filec.exe fails to start when the desktop environment is non-English (windows only)

1.1 (uptime: 2022.03.15)


save window size

auto add trackers to the new task (including downloads)



(uninstall before installing the new version)