File centipede is an All-In-One internet file upload/download manager, BitTorrent Client, WebDAV client, FTP client, and SSH client. It is designed to be fast, customizable, and user-friendly. It supports multi-protocols and contains many useful auxiliary tools such as HTTP requester, file merge, and encoders. With the browser integration, you can download audio and videos from websites, even encrypted videos. (It's free with no ads)


Latest version: 2.4 (2022.08.02) - Update log
Activation code: Get it free

If the BT DHT is 0 from the bottom of the software, and there is no speed for downloading magnet links and torrents, this is caused by the Windows firewall.

You should try to close the filec process or restart your computer.


Feature request (Paid)
FeaturesMinimum version
HTTP,HTTPS protocol (basic features like gzip, resumable, multi-connections will not be listed.)1.0
FTP, FTPS protocol1.0
Magnet, HASH address1.0
Other custom protocol like thunder, flashget, qqdl1.0
JSON formatted address1.0
m3u8 stream task1.0
Stream task AES-128 decryption (SAMPLE-AES decryption is not supported yet)1.0
HTTP cookie, header, user-agent with user customize1.0
Torrent seeding limit1.0
Dynamically edit transfer-task config1.0
Anti leeches1.0
Refresh expired address1.0
Limit download, upload speed1.0
Create custom address (filec, fileu)1.0
Proxy management1.0
Filter customize1.0
Tracker management1.0
Task details1.0
Export torrent from task1.0
Multi languages1.0
Queue or Unlimited concurrency setting1.0
Chrome Browser integration1.0
Firefox Browser integration1.0
Capture videos, audios from web page1.0
Find all magnets from web page1.0
Translate tool1.0
HTTP tool1.0
URI encode/decode tool1.0
Base64 encode/decode tool1.0
Regex test tool1.0
Create torrent1.0
Torrent to magnet tool1.0
Magnet to torrent tool1.0
File merge tool1.0
Download all links from webpage1.6
SSH, SFTP protocol2.0
curl, wget, aria2, axel command line2.0
WebDAV protocol2.0
Upload file2.0
Upload directory2.0
Download directory2.0
Full featured WebDAV(s) file manager2.0
Full featured FTP(s) file manager2.0
Full featured SSH(sftp) file manager2.0
File browser persistent caches2.0
Site rules2.1
Checksum tool2.3


File Centipede

File Centipede File Centipede File Centipede File browser WebDAV File Centipede File browser SSH, SFTP File Centipede File browser FTP File Centipede File browser Add host File Centipede File browser log

Add task

File Centipede Add task File Centipede Add task File Centipede Add task File Centipede Add task

Edit task

File Centipede Edit task File Centipede Edit task

Torrent confirm

File Centipede Torrent confirm
File Centipede HTTP confirm
File Centipede Download all links from webpage

Add catalog

File Centipede Add catalog


File Centipede Settings


File Centipede Proxy

Site rules

File Centipede Site rules File Centipede Site rules2


File Centipede Filter

Refresh address

File Centipede Refresh address

Create torrent

File Centipede Create torrent

Download speed limit

File Centipede Download speed limit


File Centipede Translate

HTTP tool

File Centipede HTTP tool

Checksum tool

File Centipede Checksum tool

Browser extension Screenshot

Video bar

Video bar

Videos panel

Videos panel

Audios panel

Audios panel

User reviews

Toyota Gandhi

Downloading videos is always my biggest hobby.

FileCentipede makes the process extremely easy, I can download videos from a web page only with one click.

Since I installed this app, I don't need to wear pants anymore.

--- Toyota Gandhi
John Mao

FileCentipede is fast and powerful, it can download everything from the internet.

In the past, I have to buy ten software, now, I can do all of those things by using only one software for free.

FileCentipede, what a beautiful name!

--- John Mao
king kong

As a software engineer, managing remote files is always very painful, sometimes I only want to upload a text file, but those other programs force me to input tons of settings, some settings I don't even know their meaning, and I have to take half hours to Google it.

Since I found this program, it solved my problem, my hair doesn't fall off anymore.

--- King Kong

FileCentipede is slow and difficult to use, and it lacks features that I needed, it belongs to the trash can, just like all of you.

I am the smartest person in the world.

--- Troll